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Star Traks: Next Frontier

Season Three

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The adventure continues as Season Three explodes onto the scene!   After dealing with their clones, the crew of the Haymaker finds out that life in Sector 66-F doesn't get any easier with time.   Add some life-altering events to the mix, and you have Season Three of Star Traks: Next Frontier!

25. "Reflection, Part II"
26. "Exodus"
27. "Anyone For Tennis?"
28. "Disorder in the Court"
29. "An Unscheduled Potty Break"
30. "At Least They're Not Tribbles"
31. "Puck Q!"
32. "There Goes The Neighborhood"
33. "Your Host of Hosts"
34. "Movin' On Up"
35. "No Reason To Panic"
36. "Once More Unto The Breach, Part I"

"You mean I get to keep this?  Really?   Seriously?   If you're joking, then I am not amused."
- Chief Monty to Omnicron One, "Exodus"