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Star Traks: Next Frontier
Season Five
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After the life-altering events of Book Nine, "Changing Spaces", the reminants of the old crew struggle to deal with a new captain, new crewmembers, and the increasing Romulan threat.   Add to this the preperation for Halloway and Cimorene's marriage, and you have Season Five!

49. "Ball and Chain"
50. "The Princess Bride"
51. "Additudal Beliefs"
52. "Puck Off!"
53. "Bannon Sees a Demonic Rabbit"
54. "Scary Stuff"
55. "The Strange Case of Dr. Clinton and Mr. Benn"
56. "Dazed and Confused"
57. "Worst Captain Ever!"
58. "Hidden Truth"
59. "White Wedding"
60. "Breakdown"

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