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Star Traks: Next Frontier
Season Six
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With the Romulans out of the way and Cimorene back in power, Season Six is all about family.   One of the crew will depart, and another new member will join up for the final year in Sector 66-F.   Enjoy!

61. "Recovery"
62. "Ordinary World"
63. "The Game's Afoot"
64. "Plumbers Away"
65. "Gone Fishing"
66. "Test Drive"
67. "Phantom Flux"
68. "Mr. Fluffy Goes To Washington
Stardate 58647.6 - Fluffy has dissapeared again, but this time a much more sinister force has stolen the teddy bear: intergalactic politics.
69. "Down the Rabbit Hole"
Stardate 58721.1 - Ensign Jayne accidentaly takes the wrong medication and begins to have visions of a giant rabbit that no one else can see.   No one else but Bannon.
70. "Two For Dinner?"
Stardate 58750.3 - Another transporter accident switches the bodies of Gabriel and K'Tanna, resulting in a terrified Gabriel and a surly little K'Tanna.
71. "Hero Worship"
Stardate 58803.5 - Halloway is mistaken for a deity on the planet Argosa III.   Which does wonders for his ego, I'm sure.
72. "New Mission"
Stardate 58877.0 - The Jyinion Asssembly finally becomes a Federation protectorate, and the USS Haymaker is recalled to Starbase 54 for reassignment.   On the way, the crew stops by to visit Cimorene one last time, only to find the princess is in danger for her life.   Don't miss the final assignment of the Haymaker in Sector 66-F!

"Where's the fun in being a god if you only use your powers for other people?"
- Captain Halloway, "Hero Worship"