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Star Traks: Next Frontier
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Coming Attractions

Remember what I said about the short stories beging episodes and the books being movies?   Well, here's the trailers for both.  


Season Two continues January 2005 with new episodes every week! To further tease you along, here's the titles to the remaining episodes:

EP. 14 - "Mommie Dearest"
EP. 15 - "Scott of the Dead"
EP. 16 - "Exodus"
BOOK 5 - "The Reject's Table: Past Indiscretions"
EP. 17 - "There's Something About Jenna"
EP. 18 - "Anyone for Tennis?"
EP. 19 - "An Unscheduled Potty Break"
EP. 20 - "Isn't She Lovely?"
BOOK 6 - "Hell Hath No Fury"
EP. 21 - "Every Bannon Has His Day"
EP. 22 - "Mind over Matter"
EP. 23 - "Disorder in the Court"
EP. 24 - "Reflection"

Email me any guesses as to what the plots are, and you could win a cookie. No purchase nessisary. Offer void in TX and CT. Sorry.

Enjoy the trailers?
Because that's all you get.