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Star Traks: Next Frontier
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Click on a character to read a little more about them.   As the seasons progress, more background information will be revealed.   

Main Crew
Captain Bobby Halloway

Bobby Halloway was at the top of his class in Starfleet Command School, rose quickly through the ranks, and earned the respect of his peers...except for Admiral Jack Crane, who caught Bobby 'Kirking' around with his daughter.  Unable to demote the new captain, the good Admiral sent Bobby to a ship full of Starfleets Finest, the USS Haymaker.  Bobby is a good person, nice, caring, handsome, smart...but his Prime Directive is to get it on with any female in sight.

Commander Rachel LaCroix

Rachel LaCroix, the Haymaker's XO, is the most beautiful woman in the galaxy, and she knows it! Her feminine charms have helped her climb the ranks quite quickly, but she has hit a brick wall with Halloway.  Quite possibly the ONLY female he isn't interested in, Rachel doesnt get along with her captain...but only because she cant use him.

Lt. Comm. Gabriel

Born in a Federation laboratory, the Haymakers Chief of Security/Tactical is human...kinda.  He is 7 feet tall, dark red, has a pair of leathery wings, and comes complete with a set of claws and fangs.  Genetically engineered, he is the first of his kind. Gabriel inspires fear into all who see him. He is extremely strong, extremely noble...and extremely afraid of losing his teddy bear, Fluffy.

Lt. Comm. Kerry Halvox

Besides being the Chief of Ops, the 2XO is special in another way: she's half-human, half-Hellian.  Shes always in a bad mood, partly due to her ill temper, but mostly due to the fact that human/Hellians females suffer from terminal PMS.  When not offering her opinions about the crew, she enjoys spending time on the holodeck kicking the sh*t out of holo-images of her crewmates.

Lt. Jenna Benn

The conn officer of the USS Haymaker, Jenna is a joined Trill who's symbiont, Benn, is a little eccentric.  Part gorgeous woman, part practical joker, Jenna loves to have a good time, often at the crew's expense.  She is the 13th host of the Benn symbiont. Ask anyone on the Haymaker, if Jenna hasn't done it, nobody has.

Dr. Scott Clinton

The good doctors accidental relationship to a certain late-20th century world leader aside, Scott tries his best to please the crew.  He really does.  However, his medical prowess leaves a little something to be desired.  Plus, he tends to get really bored down in Sickbay with only one nurse for company.   He is a little infatuated with Lt. Benn, and as a result, he has often found himself the butt of the conn officer's practical jokes. 

Chief Engineer Monty

An experimental engineering hologram (EEH), Montys original programming was accidentally wiped clean by a power surge while the ship was in space dock.  The space dock crew, not wanting to file any reports, took a program out of a holonovel and dumped some sub-routines, a few personality engrams, and complete knowledge of Monty Python, the Three Stooges, and just about every other Earth comedic group.

Ensign Blake Bannon

The head science officer of the USS Haymaker, Blake is perhaps the most objective member of her crew...and the most distractable.  Ensign Bannon suffers from regressive attention deficit disorder, resulting in tons of knowledge in the man's head, but good luck getting it out.  A certified genius, however, Blake can't remember where he put the certificate.



After the events of "Risk Factor", Mennol was pardoned for his crimes and took the title of Ambassador onboard the Haymaker.   His knowledge of Sector 66-F has been helpful, but his habit of poking around in people's minds is not.