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If the short stories of Star Traks: Next Frontier are equivialent to episodes in a television series, then the books are the same as movies.   Hope you enjoy the longer adventures of the USS Haymaker, and don't forget to take a leak before you start reading.  

Star Traks: Next Frontier - The Mini-Series
This is the mini-series that started it all.   What happens when an untested captain with a new crew are sent to the most unstable region in the Alpha Quadrant?   Find the answer to this question in Books One through Four of Star Traks: Next Frontier!

Book One - "Left Turn at Albuquerque"

Book Two - "All Star"

Book Three - "Thin Ice"

Book Four - "Hi, We Were Just Leaving..."

After the mini series comes the rest of the books...

Book Five - "The Reject's Table: Past Indiscretions"

Stardate 54462.2 - While killing time before a diplomatic ceremony, Captain Halloway wanders into the "Captain's Table" and tells the story of a far-off time when he and then-Captain Jack Crane actually got along.  

Book Six - "Hell Hath No Fury" (Coming Soon)

Stardate 54755.4 - Well, if I told you what it would be about, that would be giving away too much too soon!   Okay, fine.   Here's a few things that Book Six is about: a scorned ex-lover...a Klingon Bird-Of-Prey...evil twins...a history lesson...Halloway.   That's enough for now.   Good luck figuring that one out.

Be on the lookout for Book Six,
"Hell Hath No Fury..."