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In Season One of "Star Traks: Next Frontier", the crew is assigned to Sector 66-F, a wonderful little hellhole of a former empire just beyond Federation space.   Inside the sector, Captain Halloway and his new crew must fend off power-hungry admirals, pushy princesses, and a planet plagued by puke.   And that's just during the first few episodes!

1. "Something For Nothing"

Stardate 53102.3 - The first adventure of the USS Haymaker.   Captain Halloway and his new crew are ordered to bring an important (and grumpy) diplomat to an important meeting on Orion Prime.   Things get interesting when the ship is taken over by Orion pirates.

2. "Left Turn at Albuquerque"

Stardate 53125.7 - Book 1 of ST:NF.   The crew is assigned to Sector 66-F, home of the former Jyinion Assembly.   As they begin their mission, the ship begins to break down, warring Jyinion factions appear everywhere, and hilarity ensues.

3. "All Star"

Stardate 53176.4 - Book 2 of ST:NF.   As the Haymaker rescues Princess Cimorene, Halloway finds himself dealing with a diva, a plague, and Fallow's armada hot on his heels. 

4. "Thin Ice"

Stardate 53185.5 - Book 3 of ST:NF.   The situation's getting worse, and if dealing with a ship that's falling apart wasn't enough, Halloway has to deal with an admiral who wants him dead and a princess that wants him in bed.

5. "Hi, We Were Just Leaving..."

Stardate 53217.2 - Book 4 of ST:NF.   Too much stuff happens in this final part to the mini-series that started it all.   So just read it already!

6. "What the Puck!?!"

Stardate 53398.7 - Who has the guts to play practical jokes on an entire starship crew?   And no, the answer is not Q.

7. "Fluffy Takes a Holiday"

Stardate 53426.6 - All hell breaks loose when Gabriel's teddy bear Fluffy turns up missing.

8. "A Roll in the Hay"

Stardate 53562.7 - Halloway wakes up one morning in a beautiful female lieutenants quarters...with no memory of how he got there.   The captain then tries to piece together the events of the previous night as discreetly as possible, which eventually involves every member of the senior staff.

9. "Help Wanted"

Stardate 53688.4 - When all of Chief Monty's engineering staff attend a conference, Monty's decision to create an all holographic engineering crew has some undesired effects when a group of them try to take over the ship.

10. "The Dating Game"

Stardate 53699.5 - A new species kidnaps LaCroix, Benn, and Halvox, and forces them to participate in the planet's most popular reality program: "The Weakest Date".

11. "Risk Factor"

Stardate 53785.9 - Can't the crew of the Haymaker get a break once in a while?   Nope, as proven in this tale where a secret Romulan fleet takes over the Haymaker, and an unexpected ally comes to the crew's aid.

12. "Lost Marbles"

Stardate 53933.4 - Season finale!   As the Haymaker's tour of duty in Sector 66-F comes to a close, they are faced with an even more difficult assignment: become the Federation's first slipstream-capable starship and escourt the USS Voyager back to the Alpha Quadrant.   New enemies, new romances, and new bad jokes abound!  

13) Lost Marbles, Part II

Stardate 53983.9 - The Haymaker, still stranded, finally recovers Monty's program, and the crew begins to repair the slipstream drive, all while Halloway tries to salvage Federation-Dominion relations before another war breaks out.

“See?   That’s definitely something!   My teddy bear hostage theory isn’t so far fetched, is it?”
- Ensign Pratt, "Fluffy Takes a Holiday"