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Here's a page where you, the reader, can take a look at some websites that have had an impact on my work.   Take a look, have a peek, and enjoy! 


Pretty self explanitory, don't you think?   It's the search engine that I, along with millions of other web surfers, use.   Check it out, won't you?

Star Traks Nexus

Welcome to the stories that inpired my lunacy.   Do give them a read.   If it wasn't for them, the crew of the Haymaker wouldn't be the lovable, happy crew they are today.   They'd probably be miserable.   Do yourself a favor and have a read!


Without Star Trek, Star Traks wouldn't have happened.   Without Star Traks, Next Frontier wouldn't have happened.   Lesson to be learned?   History is a funny thing.   Oh, and don't forget to bundle up.   It's cold out there.